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Adult singles dating anselmo nebraska

Over the years Anselmo had elevators, a roller mill, livery stables, seven doctors and dentists, several general mercantile stores, restaurants, and barbers, and many other small businesses.

Banks in Anselmo included the First Bank of Anselmo 1886-92; Farmers and Merchants Bank 1888-92; Anselmo State Bank 1903-32; Peoples State Bank 1914-21; and the Anselmo Cooperative Credit Association in the 1930s.

A momentary diversion, it was not a life-threatening event, since the boardwalk and most businesses were above the waterlevel.

In the 1920s the population was nearly 500 and Anselmo boasted many thriving businesses.

Nearly 200 students attended the Anselmo school in the early 1930s.

The drought and depression of the 1930s caused the population to decline.

A post office called "New Helena," six miles east of Anselmo, was established in 1875 and served a large trade area until the railroad passed it by. Victoria Springs State Recreation area is now located where New Helena once flourished. These two brave little towns held out for many years but finally yielded to "the town with the rails," Anselmo -- the town that no one but the railroad wanted. While the business district in Anselmo is not large, it does include a post office, two elevators, a cafe, market, bar, filling station and repair shop. Committee: Ruth Lindly, Harold Curtis, and Leila Johnson.

As the town added new businesses, Anselmo became the trading center for a wide area.The first newspaper, "The Anselmo Sun", was published in a tent in 1886.It was followed by the "Anselmo Enterprise" in 1906. Those still serving the spiritual needs of the community are: Methodist and Christian Churches, established in 1887; Catholic Church, organized in 1905; and the Open Bible Church, started in 1953.School was first held in Anselmo in 1887 at which time a two-story schoolhouse was constructed.A brick building was constructed in 1915, and in 1927 a new high school was built.

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