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America adult chatrooms no sign up

She whispered something to the other people there, and suddenly there were dragging me towards a support-pole in their basement.I didn't fight back, since I didn't have a chance of resisting them and it was hot in the suit anyways.Some of the mascot outfits have battery powered fans in them.We used one for a ceremony here in Minneapolis last year.Were it not for the fan I doubt that anyone would have volunteered to get dressed in that thing. A little while ago, I had my friend(I'll call him Justin and his sister Taylor) over at my house to babysit him.When he came over I, we played games for a while until we both got bored.So I got into the suit, putting the straps of the oversized mascot head under my arms, and realized I couldn't reach the zipper (which was on the back of the body suit), so I asked him for assistance.He zipped me up and I stepped out of the bathroom, greeting by a myriad of laughs from the other players.

Prompty, Jessica speaks up and says "Wait, you can't get out of it?

", and I respond telling her I can't reach the zipper.

Then she laughed and said something along the lines of "Lets just leave him in there and do something else".

Well, If any of you wanna chat about bondage and stuff like that than please write. I said, "I want to kidnap someone one day." Then she looked at me and goes, "Ya know, I've always wanted to be kidnapped." By the way, my girlfriend is about 5"7, brown hair, pretty nice chest, and very hott.

Anyways, so I was like can I tie you up, she then said, "You have to catch me first." So we then proceeded to fight each other, till finally I pinned her down to the ground and she gave up. Turn around" She then got up sat down and gave me her arms behind her back. After binding her arms, I tied her ankles, then moved up to her knees.

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I then put some under and over her boobs, which made them stick out, it was a big turn on to look at.

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