Billy j miller dating

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Billy j miller dating

Leader proposes a universal surcharge on social networking Leader proposes a compromise of billion for the last 17 years of use.

The market value of that history is valued at trillion.

The so-called Equifax "hack" of half (we think 100%) of America's IRS and banking information was an obvious scam and cover story. attempting to push Congress for gun control legislation using the Las Vegas excuse—just like they triggered The Patriot Act destruction of the Bill of Rights after 9/11? A tall, no nonsense kind of guy, Williams played both baseball and basketball for Ohio University in the 1960’s.

Isn't it odd that there has been no MSM coverage of the alleged victims of Las Vegas? Why did the Las Vegas police chief and FBI who are still very much alive? Leader shareholders are filing “Tier II” Miller Act Notices All across America, the shareholders of Leader Technologies are demanding that the U. government pay them for their social networking inventions.

They demand full compensation for the federal government's wholesale theft of their social networking inventions thru a broad, “free” distribution to its military-industrial spying and profit-making insiders.The entire government and commercial world has had the free use of social networking for 17 years.Now it is time to acknowledge that the invention had a creator who has never been paid for their innovations. A./FBI/NSA stole and weaponized social media to "fundamentally transform" America into a crony capitalist vassal state of an unelected, self-annointed combine of politicians, bureaucrats, bankers, corporate elitists, judges, lawyers, satanists, spies and pedophiles. “When I completed projects in the steel business, I expected to get paid.” Williams continued, “I have not been paid for Leader’s invention of social networking that was created using my investment.Then, Leader proposes a $Y per user per month surcharge comprised of two parts: (1) an $N per user per month “Consumer Use Fee” for the government's benefit, and (2) a per user per month “Leader Innovation Surcharge” to pay Leader for the ongoing use of its inventions.By comparison, computer users pay anywhere from .00–.00 per month for anti-virus software.

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There are 7.7 billion people on the planet with potential access to social apps.

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