Blackberry podcast not updating

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Blackberry podcast not updating

What you’re actually doing when you hit this refresh button, is basically refreshing your account.

The announcement was made on the Inside Black Berry blog last week.

We expect that RIM will never give up on physical keyboards entirely, but in our conversations RIM was very clear that it was focused on making an all-touch device work as a Black Berry device, especially when it comes to typing and one-handed navigation.

RIM could throw a curveball and release a device with a physical keyboard at the launch of the OS, but make no mistake: BB10 is being architected so that it can work as a touchscreen-only device.

Beyond that, as of this writing the full extent of Black Berry 10 and the devices that will run it are still a mystery.

With any luck (and assuming RIM knows how to properly pump up demand for the new OS), CEO Thorsten Heins will unveil more during the Black Berry World keynote.

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