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That also means they are changing the way they live to fit how they perceive themselves, not only the clothes they wear, but their names as well, so that they may project the proper image within society to be accepted as the gender they identify themselves with. So what does this mean and what does it have to do with real ID? Stephani hasn’t quite been totally honest with Joe about her situation.A lot, because there are a lot of transgender players that play World of Warcraft..many people maybe hurt physically, and surely most will be hurt emotionally if real ID is implemented without giving this some serious thought on how to handle this very real and touchy subject in a manner that will cause the least damage to all those involved. People meet and hook up in MMORPG’s all the time more common than you might expect. The two players Joe and Stephani are best of pals in game and even on the phone and Skype. She is still in the process of finalizing her transformation.The Kansas City metropolitan area is a 15-county metropolitan area anchored by Kansas City, Missouri, that straddles the border between the U. The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) serves as the Council of Governments and the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the area. The larger Missouri River is zigzagging from west to east; the much smaller Kansas is approaching from the south and joins it at Kaw Point. With a population of 2,104,509, it ranks as the second largest metropolitan area with its core in Missouri (after Greater St. Alongside Kansas City, the area includes a number of other cities and suburbs, the largest being Overland Park, Kansas; Kansas City, Kansas; Olathe, Kansas; and Independence, Missouri; each over 100,000 in population.Seriously, real ID could make it a lot easier for people to cyber bully and lead to even worse things..that is something I do not think any of us wish to see happen - no matter who we are.Blizzard needs to come up with a different solution to whatever problem they perceive to have, so that peoples lives are not turned upside down, real ID is not the answer - in fact it looks like it will cause more problems than it will solve.

The larger Kansas City Metropolitan Area as seen on a map can be visualized roughly as four quadrants: The map's northeast quadrant is locally referred to as "north of the river" or "the Northland".You can’t escape it if you’re a gamer that frequents the various forums and tech sites that deal with gaming. It does not tell them if I am on(the only way they might know this is if I was also a real ID friend with them) it only provides my name. I recently read a thread by many Wo W players that are transgender and this real ID thing terrifies them. There is good reason for their concerns, just watch or read the news and you’ll learn about a transfemale or transmale that was beaten or killed when someone found out that the person they have been sharing a drink with, or went to a movie with turned out to have been born the opposite sex they are now projecting.Blizzard has created a massive backlash in the gaming community the likes of which haven’t been seen since SOE pulled the NGE debacle on the players of Star Wars Galaxies. Movies have been made on this subject like Boys Don't Cry (1999) starring Hillary Swank who portrayed a transmale(female to male transgender) and was eventually outed and killed by the girls family - even though the female herself that was involved in the relationship didn’t care once she found out - it was the family that didn’t like it.I was actually for real ID up until I changed my mind. What real ID will do is allow friends to form social networks using there real names to stay in touch in games and across realms for World of Warcraft produced by Blizzard Activision. Anyway, that is beside the point..point is with real ID it brings up a very touchy and personal situation for many players that play the game World of Warcraft that are transgender.No matter what toon you are playing if you are in a friends real ID network, then they will know when you are on. Makes it simpler for heavy raiding guilds to keep track of who is on and who isn't. It is one thing to be gay or lesbian or bi, we have our own issues....being a whole other aspect of the real world that many people just do not get or understand and have a seriously hard time wrapping their minds around. This misunderstanding can lead to some serious backlash that can get people killed.

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The river band's sharpest part forms a peninsula containing the Kansas City Downtown Airport.