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Boing boing video dating

Magoo, also a UPA character, babysitting for Mc Boing Boing.The Gerald Mc Boing-Boing Show (1956–57) In 1956, CBS created a half-hour Gerald Mc Boing-Boing Show, with well-known radio announcer Bill Goodwin narrating. on Sunday evenings, it was a showcase for UPA's cartoons, including Dusty of the Circus, The Twirlinger Twins, and Punch and Judy.The story describes one Gerald Mc Cloy, who at 2 years old begins "talking" in the form of sound effects, his first word being the titular "boing boing." His panicked father calls the doctor, who informs him that there's nothing he can do about it.As the boy grows up, he picks up more sounds and is able to make communicative gestures, but is still incapable of uttering a single word of the English language.Each eleven-minute episode features a series of vignettes with Gerald, of which the "fantasy tales" are done in Seussian rhyme.There are also sound checks, gags, and "real-life" portions of the show.Gerald Mc Boing-Boing is an animated short film produced by United Productions of America (UPA) and given wide release by Columbia Pictures on November 2, 1950.

This was a major step in the development of limited animation, which had the added advantage of being much less expensive to produce.

A character rather similar to Gerald Mc Boing Boing appears as Tiny Tim in the 1962 NBC television special Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol, now as a speaking character.

On the 2001 DVD release, an animated short was included that features Mr.

UPA produced three follow-up shorts: Gerald Mc Boing Boing's Symphony (1953), How Now Boing Boing (1954), and Gerald Mc Boing! It was reissued in 1985 as part of RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video's "Magic Window" series of children's videotapes and fell out of print in 1995.

The first short was included as a special feature on Sony's 2001 DVD release of The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. All but the second were included in the special features of the two-disc special edition of the DVD Hellboy (released July 27, 2004), as the cartoon can be seen playing on TV monitors in the background in several scenes.

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