Bosnian girl dating

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Bosnian girl dating

During that conflict, sexual violence was used as a weapon and an estimated 20,000 Bosnian Muslim women were raped.Milicevic says that present-day violence against women has to be understood in relation to the social and political changes that took place during and after the war.“Men took on the role of fighters, protectors and leaders in public and political life, while women were relegated to the domestic sphere,” said Milicevic.“Women’s high unemployment rates have further made them vulnerable to violence.”Joblessness may prevent women from leaving abusive relationships, and can put them at risk of being trafficked or forced into prostitution.According to government statistics, in 2006, 35 percent of Bosnian women were employed.One night, at a friend’s birthday party, he saw her talking to other boys and flew into a rage, slapping her hard enough to make her fall across a nearby table.Tanja and Mario are fictional characters in a small hardcover booklet packaged like a chocolate bar and distributed to Croatian teens in schools and youth centers.Young men in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, as well as neighboring Montenegro, are expected to use physical violence in order to prove their masculinity, according to field research by the International Center for Research on Women, in Washington, D. The findings also indicated that fathers and friends in particular encourage young men to be violent towards other males; to use force to defend their families and friends, as well as their pride and reputations.Fistfights in response to bullying by peers become a normal fact of life for boys starting in primary school.

In addition, a 2003 study by the World Health Organization reported that 23 percent of women in Serbia have suffered physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner.“The violence that exists in everyday life, that young people see at home and in society, gets replicated in adolescent relationships,” said Jadranka Milicevic, project manager in CARE International’s office in Sarajevo, Bosnia.But when she edited an episode of a local youth radio program, the animated discussion among teens on what constitutes abuse showed her that her efforts were paying off.Biserka Savora, a school psychologist at the Rudolf Peresin vocational school for aviation mechanics, near the Zagreb airport, also found that students who participated in her seminars were eager to pass on what they learned to their peers.The survey also asked these high school students about their views on physical, emotional and sexual violence.The center is taking part in a three-year initiative across Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia to educate young people about all forms of prevalent gender-based violence.

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But young men will be targeted by a social campaign promoting non-violence that CARE is developing this fall, based on the research by the International Center for Research on Women. Center for Education, Counseling, and Research: Women’s Center: Women’s e News is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites and the contents of Web pages we link to may change without notice.

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