Brian urlacher dating jenny mccarthy

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She told People: ' Brian and I have decided to turn our romance into an amazing friendship.

» Some indeterminate time after their love story began, TV host Jenny Mc Carthy and Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher have broken up.Urlacher, on the other hand, » - [email protected] Mc Carthy has split from Brian Urlacher.The 39-year-old model has vowed to enjoy an 'amazing friendship' with the Chicago Bears linebacker after ending their four-month romance.She only described herself as "giddy" over someone.However, since Urlacher and Mc Carthy are now breaking up, they obviously dated at some point.

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Mc Carthy informed the world that she and Brian Urlacher were no longer dating in a statement to People on Thursday (Aug. "Brian and I have decided to turn our romance into an amazing friendship," Mc Carthy says.

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