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Cambodian sex workers

Sithon, whose work with the ministry provides education to rural children and their parents on how to protect themselves from trafficking, said more children and women are subject to trafficking “partly due to the migration of rural women looking for work who then are tricked into working in the sex trade.”More awareness needed ADHOC, along with the Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO), says that despite public awareness campaigns, law enforcement against prostitution and human trafficking remains ineffective.“Really what [they] should be looking at is, if someone gets into a situation where they are forced [into prostitution] or where they are being severely exploited, how can they remove themselves from that situation and how can they best get the help that they need,” Elaine Pearson, deputy director for Asia at Human Rights Watch, said.“The basic effect of [enforcing the law] has been to drive the industry further underground.Somaly says she does her best to give this girl love and support, but that it's not easy with so many other needy children around.Somaly herself suffered terrible ordeals when she worked the streets, including seeing her best friend murdered.

The precise scale of Cambodia's sex trade is difficult to quantify.She is determined to build something positive out of so much despair.Her work has caught the attention of world leaders, celebrities and religious figures.No girl wants to do this horrible work,” the 15-year-old, who asked not to be named, said in an interview as she looked for business near the Suriya Supermarket.“Sometimes, I get only one client in two or three days.Some clients ask me to have sex without using a condom, but I refuse. They gang-rape me and beat me,” another girl, 17, from Svay Rieng province, said. Human rights groups, however, say the law and its enforcement have made life harder for the women they aim to help.

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Poverty is also often what drives parents to sell their child or themselves on the streets."Always a child is left behind, often a girl, who is preyed on by traffickers," Sochua added. She was rescued after being imprisoned for two years in a cage, where she was repeatedly raped.

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