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In this case, its assumed that we have inserted once and updated that user.NSManaged Object Context *context = [app Delegate managed Object Context]; Favorits *favorits = [NSEntity Description insert New Object For Entity For Name:@"Favorits" in Managed Object Context:context]; favorits.title = @"Some title"; NSError *error; if (! But for those who do not want to start from the very beginning, you can download this Xcode project to continue to work on the below tutorial.In the last tutorial, we already discussed how to fetch and save a managed object using Core Data API.For your reference, you can download the complete source code here.In the later tutorials, we’ll talk about object relationship and show you how to optimize the app using NSFetched Results Controller.Core Data typically decreases by 50 to 70 percent the amount of code you write to support the model layer. (Core Data Demo is project name)Step 2: Get Context We need this to get the managed object context that allows us to use core data.

I am currently looking through documentation and the web, but I am not seeing what I am looking for and I would just like to confirm if what I am looking for exists:-) As I understand it - this line of code allows me to add a record to the SQLite database which I am showing in my app through Core Data: Here my previous answer on it.

The context provides a method called “delete Object” that allows you to delete the specific object from database.

Lastly, we invoke the “save” method to commit the change.

Your app should look similar to the following: Next, we’ll enhance the app to let user update the device information.

Go to the Storyboard and add a new segue for the table cell.

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Let’s focus on the code of commit Editing Style method for deleting the managed object from database.