Cri du chat adult

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Cri du chat adult

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When bound to HSPGs of FR axons, Sema5a behaved as an attractive guidance cue, and when bound to CSPGs of prosomere 2 of the diencephalon, Sema5a behaved as an inhibitory guidance cue. (2004) concluded that neuronal responses to SEMA5A are dependent on the bound proteoglycan and the biologic context. (2004) showed that mammalian plexin B3 (PLXNB3; 300214) is a high-affinity Sema5a receptor.

In adult animals, highest Semf expression was detected in muscle, heart, lung, and spleen. (1997) identified a partial SEMAF sequence within a YAC covering the cri-du-chat (123450) critical region on chromosome 5.

By 5-prime RACE of placenta RNA, 9464278] [Full Text]" pmid="9464278"Simmons et al. The deduced 1,074-amino acid protein has a calculated molecular mass of 120 k D.

(1998) mapped the SEMA5A gene to chromosome 5p15.2.

They determined that the SEMAF gene covers at least 10% of the cri-du-chat critical region. (1998) mapped the mouse Sema5a gene to chromosome 15.

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