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Through The Computer Screen"I'm generally the most responsive to guys who actually read my profile and take something interesting from it to put in their message to me. I'll pass on you feeling my sexuality through the screen, man.

This guy was just insane to talk about my sexuality on the first few messages.

You still have single parents worried that people wont accept their kids as part of a package deal.You can weed through a heck of a lot of less than desirable matches really fast and you dont even have to waste time or money on dinner and movies, or on babysitters and a new dress.Its my hope that you would take your time with the ones who do seem promising.Ms Curtis has also exchanged two letters a fellow inmate of Mr Speer's - the Cross Country Killer Tommy Lynn Sells - who claimed responsibility for the brutal murder of more than 70 men, women and children.'I look forward to telling Will what I've been up to; he's the first person I'll go to.He's interested in knowing what we do, what we eat, what our house is like, where we go and walk the dog, what the scenery is like.'It upsets me knowing what he's going through on death row. It'll be bad - knowing someone and the next minute they're gone.

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Repeatedly texting me to meet up last minute (and then not responding when I suggest making a plan at least 4 hours in advance) is not enticing." -Alexis, 33"When he will text you for days (sometimes even weeks) over the dating site or app, but will not even ask for your phone number or ask you out, it's a deal breaker.

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