Dating and marriage customs in argentina

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Dating and marriage customs in argentina

An old person makes a speech reminding the couple of their duties in the marriage.The elders bless the couple immediately after the wedding ceremony.Argentinians usually do not have engagement parties.But if they happen, they are more private, family affair. The presents bride and groom get can be opened in front of guests. In Argentina parents or grandparents sometimes give the gold (in the form of an old gold chain or something like that) for the new wedding ring to be made.

During the wedding reception all single persons put one of their shoes under her dress. In parts of Colombia the bride and groom are covered with "mantilla" which shows that their marriage is lived under one roof.

During the exchange of rings at the wedding ceremony engagement rings are replaced by wedding rings.

Still sometimes the couple keeps engagement rings and wears them together with the wedding ring.

At the wedding reception in Ecuador bride and groom give their parents special presents.

Such presents are usually objects bride and groom used when they were children.

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