Dating aquarius man tips

Posted by / 04-Sep-2018 06:35

Dating aquarius man tips

If you try to pull a fast one on us, we won't give you a second chance.

If you are planning on rescheduling your date with an Aquarius, be prepared to show proof of whatever tragedy you claim happened that caused you to reschedule.

This will go a long way, and we'll know you have a genuine interest in getting to know us.

When it comes to gift-giving, do not shower your Aquarius in diamonds or expensive flashy items. It takes a long time for an Aquarius to open up, so building a friendship and taking it slow will allow for him or her to feel safe enough to open up to you.

If you really spend the time getting to know an Aquarius, compliment him or her on traits unique to that person's personality.

Instead, learn to embrace our idealism and realize that if we care so deeply, then our capacity to love and care for you is endless.

We hate to feel trapped, and if you try to control us, we will run.

Aquarians are almost always in an existential crisis.

We are natural-born philosophers, and our anthem is “Imagine” by John Lennon.

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