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Dating band geek

Ish me, Kaytlyn, 17I play clarinet (marching, pep, concert)I’m weird and I like drawing alotalotalot Music and art are my things. @ the disco, twenty-one pilots, my chemical romance, and the arctic monkeys Big fan girl of Tokyo ghoul and noragami^._.^)Name: Alaina Jones Age: 16Instruments: piano, bass clarinet, Bari sax, and I sing About me: I am currently a sophomore in high school. I’m in the Marvel, LOTR, Harry Potter, and Star Wars fandoms.

I used to play softball, field hockey, soccer, and basketball but now I am currently in my high school concert band, jazz band, and Madrigal choir along with a few college ensembles.

They tend to be in band because momma gave them a saxophone in the 5th grade, or they are taking percussion to find a girlfriend/for PE credit.

Normally this "species" are the saxophones, which most are jocks. 2.) The Reluctant Band Geek - Reluctant Band Geeks play an instrument and often spend time with other band geeks; however, they refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are in band when they are with other people.

Waterade, though its taste does not match that of the aforementioned energy drinks, can still give a band geek a couple more hours of rehearsal capability.

1.)The Not So Geeky-Band Geek - This person knows he is in band and everyone he knows knows that this person is in band.

A Band Geek is a rare and valuable creature most often found lurking near football fields or practice rooms.

Also, they often talk about band and they may even advertise the fact that they are in band by wearing their uniforms or band shirts/sweatshirts at functions outside of band.They are often up before any sane person and are seen disturbing the peace at all hours.They can adapt to any weather condition (rain, hail, tornadoes, etc) often appearing to spawn extra clothing if necessary.They may even deny that they are in band at times, such as Boxing day (UK).3.) The Proud Band Geek - this is the person who is a Band Geek and knows it.

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