Dating dyslexic girl

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Dating dyslexic girl

It's also worth noting that these are the books for children.Barrington Stoke also produce books for adults, something rather essential given that their estimates are that around 11 million adults (18-65) have a reading age of 13 or below.This may explain why a significant portion of children seem to outgrow the disorder.Like dyslexia, ADHD can't be cured though treatment, but it can be managed.The specific issue in those areas may be an imbalance in the levels of various neurotransmitters (particularly norepinephrine and dopamine), explaining why common ADHD medications (Ritalin others) inhibit the uptake of neurotransmitters, leaving more in the bloodstream.

Bernadette Mc Lean, Principal of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, said: "It has been known for many years that boys are more likely to be identified as dyslexic than girls but research in the United States indicates that this is because boys are easier to identify.It seems that girls can compensate for longer and cover over their difficulties, but when the environment becomes more demanding their difficulties become obvious." So how welcome it is that there are specific girl-friendly titles among the 2011 Barrngton Stoke offerings.For teenage girls, whose reading age is 6-7, there is Jo Cotterill's Take Two, which is about two girls, Carla and Lily, who decide to get their own back on the cheesy, handsome captain of the rugby team who asks them both to go to the same prom.Schools are more likely to pick up boys who are misbehaving for further referral as they tend to resort to bad behaviour more than girls.We find, at Helen Arkell, that by the age of 13 we are assessing as many girls as boys.

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The ability to sustain focused attention is critical for reading and for any task of long duration or with multiple steps - precisely the kinds of tasks those with both dyslexia and ADHD have a lot of trouble performing.