Dating games like arianne

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Dating games like arianne

She makes her first appearance, along with two other Signature Heroes, Sir Owen and Ozan (the master smith Linza is also mentioned), in the Fremennik Saga Three's Company.

As time progressed, she lamented that her grasp on her foresight hasn't advanced as much as she hoped, but with her other magical and runecrafting expertise increasing tenfold she could now gain further recognition as a wizard, nearing senior wizard status.

She soon realised the cause was her inherited, and therefore unearned, precognitive skills - Caitlin had told the rest of the apprentices about them, and the budding wizards shunned her out of jealousy because they were of the belief that a true magician isn't born with their skills, but that they earn them through their work and study.

Within two years, she became a fully fledged wizard.

Packing up and saying farewells to her old home, she set off for the Wizards' Tower, travelling via the lodestone network, a creation of the wizards residing there.

Joining the tower, she shared a room with Caitlin, another apprentice.

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The demon would tell her nothing until she spilled her blood in fealty to Zamorak, promising to give her the knowledge she desired the moment she did so.

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