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When you're a teenager, appearances are everything, and I didn't have a shot. In college, I'd watch my peers fall in and out of bed with one another, biding my time until it was my turn to be loved. Popularity is no longer a factor, and women start to look for less superficial qualities in their partners. I was two out of three, but when was I going to get my chance at love?

While attractive girls were being wooed away by handsome men my age, there I stood, the lonely geek. But my mother had instilled an important principle in me at a very young age.

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site, which means most of the men here are eventually hoping to have sex. Feminists argue that sugaring reverts women to a submissive, "codependent" lifestyle.

But the reality is, we are leveling the playing field.

She is a partner who understands my lifestyle and adds value to me rather than stifling me, which is the case in so many marriages today. We are trying to invoke the possibility of getting exactly what you want from your relationship, even if that isn't what society dictates.

I'm not against marriage, but I do recognize that the rules society forces us to play by no longer work for everyone. College 'sugar babies' date for cash We are asking people to look at their relationships and make their own rules -- create their version of a more perfect union.

They shouldn't be afraid of using the resources and assets given to them to find what they truly deserve from a relationship.And yes, to offer the financial incentive to give myself, and others like me, a fighting chance.Seeking is a sugar daddy dating website where wealthy men seek out beautiful women.There is no room for feminism in traditional relationships as defined by society.A new generation of independent, strong-willed women has cropped up while society is simultaneously raising boys who fail to ever reach their full potential.

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