Dating the quatrain of nostradamus

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Dating the quatrain of nostradamus

His ambiguities have kept the controversy of his prophecies alive, and even enhanced his stature as a seer in the centuries following his death (just as he predicted).” A Clear Example of Ambiguity Nearly any of Nostradamus’s quatrains might be used to illustrate this ambiguity.Quatrain 1–35 launched the prophet’s career and has arguably been his most famous.Like airy vapors, they assume as they unroll, the figures which the spectator’s imagination lends to them….”Even ardent enthusiasts agree that it is possible to find more than one meaning in Nostradamus’s prophetic verses.Peter Lemesurier describes them as “a massive verbal jigsaw puzzle.” “Moreover,” he adds, “their language is often obtuse and sometimes positively arcane…result is that a further layer of impenetrability is added to an already chaotic text.” John Hogue admits that “his writing is muddled enough to be taken any way one wishes….Ardent devotees claim he predicted many historic events with uncanny accuracy, and they consider him “the most effective prophet in the history of the human race.” Did Nostradamus really predict these events? They argue that only biblical prophecy is (1) numerous, (2) specific, and (3) 100 percent accurate (i.e., none of its prophecies have proven to be false), thereby substantiating its supernatural source and uniqueness.This in turn supports the Bible’s claim to be the unique Word of God.First, they propose theories about “devices” Nostradamus supposedly used to obscure or “encode” his prophecies.

Despite this fatal disproof, however, many people still believe Nostradamus made numerous, specific, accurate predictions that rival biblical prophecy.

” In order to respond to this challenge it would be sufficient to demonstrate that just one of Nostradamus’s prophecies failed to come to pass.

If even one has failed, then his prophecies as a whole fail to meet the criterion of 100 percent accuracy.

At a royal wedding festival, Gabriel, Count of Montgomery defeated King Henry ().

Critics argue that the items in this quatrain are either not specific or just do not fit the event closely enough to support the accuracy ascribed to it.

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Critics argue that Nostradamus’s prophecies are ambiguous and therefore could refer to many persons, places, or events.