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Tintype is the popular moniker for melainotype, which got its name from the dark color of the unexposed photographic plate, and ferrotype, named after the plate’s iron composition (for the record, tintypes contain no tin).

Patented in 1856, tintypes were seen as an improvement upon unstable, paper daguerreotypes and fragile, glass ambrotypes.

This flag consists of a replaced blue silk field with the artwork from the original flag mounted on it. Carbine is a straight-breech, .52 caliber percussion, single shot breechloader fitted… William Starke Rosecrans (September 6, 1819 – March 11, 1898) was an American inventor, coal-oil company executive, diplomat, politician, and… He wears a dark shell jacket with trousers that have been hand tinted a sky-blue color. Offered is a burgundy matted 11" x 14", double matted display with copies of photos of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln.

Carbine is a Civil War Model 1859 Sharps made by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut. He is wearing a dark colored civilian frock coat, vest, white shirt and cravat. Image shows Henry Webert standing in the classic Napoleonic pose with one hand in his coat.

The General wears a dark double-breasted frock coat with brigadier general’s shoulder straps. He wears a commercial sack coat with a black felt collar and brigadier generals shoulder straps. He is posed with one hand thrust into his dark double-breasted frock coat. CDV is a waist-up view of Charles Sherwood Stratton (January 4, 1838 – July 15, 1883), better known by his stage name "General Tom Thumb", a dwarf who achieved great fame as a performer under circus… Handkerchief was carried throughout the Civil War by Robert Burrill. He is wearing a dark colored coat with stand-up collar and shoulder boards. Bugle has a darkened patina is in very good condition with very few dings. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS ITEM, AS WITH… CDV is a full standing view of Severn Teackle Wallis. He is wearing a dark colored double breasted frock coat with shoulder boards, a sash, and dark colored trousers. CDV shows a very young Lieutenant leaning against what looks to be a stairwell railing. This image was taken at Culpepper, Virginia in 1863. The 5th New York Artillery Regimental Flag, reconstructed. If anyone comes into contact with the shell or has any information regarding its…

He wears a dark frock coat with 1st Lieutenants shoulder straps and matching dark trousers. Floral bordered memorial measuring 12.5" in width, 9.75" in height, in early 20th century wooden frame, measuring 14 x 11". Oblong silver badge w/horizontal bar pin, measuring 1.625" in width, .5" in height; bearing the following inscription: "U. It was introduced while the daguerreotype was still popular, though its primary competition would have been the ambrotype.The tintype saw the Civil War come and go, documenting the individual soldier and horrific battle scenes. This 11" X 14" display has a strand of Lee's hair given to Louise R. The regiment was federalized three times during the war. Drum sticks are accompanied by a CDV of Mills, original newspaper article from the Newbern Progess dated June 14, 1862 regarding the presentation, and a lot of documents including GAR certificates for…

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This large group of images of members of the famous 7th New York National Guard. A magnificent and unique Marine Mamaluke of regulation pattern but with the ability to add…

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