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Double your dating mp3

The overly confident guy who’s cocky all the time and struts his stuff or something?

NO, because women are turned off by men who are being arrogant…UNLESS they’re really funny.

Being cocky the Cocky And Funny way means that you’re: – Playing hard to get – Being indifferent towards her – Making fun of her – Busting her balls as much as possible And you do all this in a way that makes them think you’re being serious, but you leave a shadow of doubt.WHY? There is no doubt in my mind that once I have explained this to you, that you will know for sure how being cocky and funny creates attraction.

Playing hard to get…is like turning the tables around on women, because usually THEY play hard to get. First, there’s the biological (sexual) reason: us men can hump around all we want without any major physical consequences (except for sexually transmitted diseases off course), because WE don’t get pregnant while women do.

Lee has since been engaged by some 200 businesses and his influence extends inside the many thousands of businesses who have heard him speak or read his publications.

Despite his obvious intelligence (he holds a First Class Honours Degree), Lee has a very direct, no-nonsense style and has been described as "the most plain-speaking and effective consultant you will ever meet".

” (meters) Me (online to a girl who looks really young): “I saw on your profile that you’re 25, but tell me.. And when you’re exggerating, you’re being outrageous: out of the ordinary, exciting, someone interesting..which will make YOU become HER escape out of mindnumbing boredom…

For relaxation, Lee can be found tinkering with computers or making hardwood furniture.

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He grew up surrounded by small family businesses, and this clearly showed in his behaviour at school where he was nicknamed "Duncan Enterprises".