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Doubleyourdating com dt

this way you don’t have to come off AFC***COLOGNE OPENER (MM) In a mall put on a different cologne on each wrist and ask girls which one smells better on you. ” (That’s the skeleton obviously use your own speaking mannerisms)…Then you can use what info and opinions they give you to bust on them, using all the usual stuff. 7.”If you got the first wrong and the second right, you look like you finally got it … If you get BOTH right (a 90% chance seeing as it is a psychological trick where most north Americans naturally choose 3 and 7 as their first picks) that’s a 1 in 40 chance … ” Then start to laugh like this “Mooa ha ha ha ha ha ha! ” and touch her arm or waist.) “Anyway, she hung out at his house and after she left, he found a metal ring wrapped around a scroll and some feathers under his couch.

Alright a couple things, I’ve tried to give credit to the original authors of the opener wherever possible. and the next moment, we would be fighting and screaming and throwing things.. I opened her and I let him take over and #close her. (Shoulders away, etc.) You check her out then make a face like you aren’t happy with what you see. If she touches her hat, bust her for messing it up.

She might start laughing, depending on how you do it. You can go into, “See, I was thinking it was a color, but the thing is that you never see a khaki car or wallpaper color or anything like that! now take that # and imagine that it is drawn on a blackboard in your head. (Then make up a good back-story for this)TWIN BROTHERS (Ross Jefferies) You’re at a party or a club and you meet twin brothers; they are absoutely identical, physically. The other makes you feel like you are the most beautiful, desirable woman who ever walked the face of the planet. (It’d probably be best to make up some sort of back-story for this)WEBBED FEET (Nilatak) “Hey guys… ”“I had a summer job at Y Supermarket and there was this guy I used to work with that had webbed feet.

” then fire into your next routine…KINO OPENERS (Tyler Durden) Pushing girls, grabbing drinks out of their hands, lightly hip checking them, snapping bra straps, grabbing hats off heads, poke her, tap the opposite shoulder, etc…(these require no memorization are easy for newbies)MYSTERY’S ESP (Mystery) Walk up to a girl and say, “Do you believe in ESP? “Just think of the first # that pops into your head from one to four. ONE of them has the best hands of any guy you’ve ever met. He would always complain that he couln’t get a girlfriend.

I found myself going back to this list in the last few weeks since my wings keep stealing my openers (they don’t get it yet that its not the opener itself but the way I deliver it) and I wanted mix things up with something new (or old).

Basically theres like well over fifty openers here. Maybe)You don’t even need to say anything to open, so this works in the loudest clubs.

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Have something queued up and ready to go immediately afterwards. He told me that the fat Elvis impersonators always got the hottest chicks, and the young Elvis’s were always alone. And now, the strange thing is, he can’t stop thinking of her. ”TATOO OPENER (unknown) Hey guys, would you ever get a Tattoo?

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