Dutch dating customs

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He won’t mind you barking out orders or getting you a cup of tea.

You would however, steer clear of ones that beg to be tied up and whipped, because they are out there (Unless you are game).

This has had an effect on their people, that being they are pragmatic. No dutch guy I’ve dated has ever asked me to pay my half, rather the only thing that’s been said was, ‘Would you like some coffee or tea? ” 8) They are blunt: Freedom and individuality is espoused in the Netherlands.

A dutch guy is likely to be a person of integrity, openly discussing issues and asking deeply personal questions.

It’s also notable that the dutch are very generous offering huge donations to charity and development projects.

What are some quirky things you have observed about guys where you live?

In years past, whenever I entered the train with a heavy baby pusher, dutch guys would always be milling around ready to spring into action to help get it onto the train.

While this may be considered impolite, dutch guys view it as being honest.3) They know that women run the world: Queens have held reign in the House of Orange like forever,…well from 1890 to 2013 to be precise, so I find dutch guys in some zany way quite respectful of womenfolk.A dutch guy is likely not to be domineering, but surprise surprise, won’t mind if you are.So serious are they about their kids and family that they have a day off work (papadag) just to kick back, relax with their family.Dutch fathers are more involved in raising their kids, with good results as dutch kids are often rated as the happiest in the world.

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Well-educated and aware When dating a Dutch guy, you can on the whole look forward to spending time with an educated, well-read person.