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And it’s not just her career that’s reaching new heights, but her lips too by the looks of this recent selfie.

In 2013, when she embarked upon her American dream, her pout first became a huge talking point back home after looking a little plump at a LA premiere.

Co-starring Alex Pettyfer, Endless A new year brings a new trailer for writer-director Shana Feste's romantic drama, Endless Love.

The story sees a privileged girl (Gabriella Wilde) falling for a charismatic boy (Alex Pettyfer); their love for each other grows ever more reckless as Universal Pictures has unveiled the second and final trailer for Shana Feste's remake of the classic romantic drama Endless Love.

Now, Gabriella Wilde takes her place in the timeless retelling of this romantic drama, in theaters just in time for Valentine's Day.Click To see Uncensored View 11 All-Stars Photos » Any time Steve Shaw picks up the camera you know something sextastic is about to happen.The photographer of beautiful women without their clothes on who Rising stars Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) and Gabriella Wilde (Carrie) play a couple trying to keep their budding romance alive in the romantic drama Endless Love, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD May 27.It's real."Pippa: "But they do cross over and reflect on one another, and so very often you're cutting from one storyline to another and there's a reflection or contrast between those stories.And there are a few scenes where we all come together, especially in the security processes and the visiting scenes."Emma: "They're really strong because you see they're really different characters and the situation has brought them together and they're in the same room, and that's an interesting idea - that it could happen to any woman."Pippa: "And there is a degree of empathy between all of them just because they're going through that process together, so even if their stories aren't closely combined, there's..."Natalie: "A common link."Pippa: "When I'm a completely new one coming in, Emma's character's already gone through it and she had that time when she was feeling like she was the new one going through it. So it's that sort of human empathy coming out in lots of parts of it that combines us all together strongly."Natalie: "Lou knows the situation, going through the prison. "Pippa: "Polly's the real old hand."Emma: "She's been there for years."Pippa: "She's the real queen bee!

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Her first major role away from Hollyoaks came after landing the lead in US drama Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.