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Free no login 2 way cam

We built a camera that provides security and allows for the integration of other components, such as window & door sensors, Amazon Alexa, and facial recognition.

Having a diverse way to identify security threats is a core mission to us at Butterfleye.

Butterfleye gives real time alerts customized to your choosing and brings peace of mind - knowing the things/ people you care about are always protected.

Butterfleye uses military grade PIR (passive infra red) sensors, allowing for the identification of the subjects it is monitoring.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Butterfleye upload 20 GBs per month compared to other security cameras that use almost half a terabyte per month. Even with a loss of power and/or internet Butterfleye is working to keep you secure.Set up the camera in my room before leaving so I can play with him and watch him snooze on my bed. Butterfleye streams in 1080p - includes motion detection, privacy mode, and facial recognition.You can support rescues by shopping Petcube products, or by joining our Petcube for Shelters program as a rescue partner.JOIN PETCUBE FOR SHELTERSCoconut is mimicking what foster mom's face looked like when she opened a delivery today and found a #petcube!! An amazing generous gift to us all from fellow kitten lover Joy @joyr9893. This is going to be so much fun (once I figure out how it all works 😂) . I may need to do some redecorating...😬😍❤A post shared by Kitten Foster Home 🐱 (@whiskersnpurrs) on Shout out to @petcube for allowing me to keep in touch with my dude while I'm traveling.

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