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You cannot test accessing your webcam from the Internet using a computer that's inside your firewall.

Open a browser on your phone using a data connection (not your network's Wi-Fi connection) or test the webcam from a coffee shop or a friend's house.

On your router, navigate to the DHCP settings and choose the option to create a DHCP reservation.

Enter the camera's MAC address and assign a fixed IP address.

To set a fixed address for the camera, you can either change a setting on the webcam interface or on your router.

To view a webcam on your network from the Internet, the webcam's IP address must be static.If you have a program designed for multiple platforms, you definitely don’t want to waste time configuring and maintaining the building environment.I was thinking how to compile my C/C code for Windows, Linux and mac OS more conveniently, and after that, I decided to learn CMake.Select and enter a port number between 105 and enter it as the "public" or "source" port.Enter "80" for the "private" or "destination" port.

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