Glasgow herald dating

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Glasgow herald dating

It was at this moment things really began to change for me.I think everyone should go through it.” Menzies began to become the person she had once been.MANY would struggle to see the positive side of having your faced smashed in by steel fencing, dealing with depression so serious it demanded withdrawal from the world, and a desperate quest to discover a healing therapy. Menzies is the new, now healed face of Channel 4, a presenter on lifestyle property show A Place In The Sun.The woman from Kenmore in Perthshire is also the co-founder of a dating app, and in recent times has been a successful model.

I didn’t realise I was a bit flabby around the edges. Maybe that’s part of not feeling gorgeous.” Soon London was calling.My eyes were so swollen I couldn’t see properly for a month.But I was lucky it wasn’t worse.” That wasn’t the only trauma Menzies had to endure at the time. I was socially outgoing, I was a member of lots of clubs.Now, having lost it, I didn’t think I was attractive.” Laughing, she says: “When I cut my hair off I didn’t go out for a few months. Menzies moved down, but into a world of serious competition.“I was spending days with girls who were slimmer and taller than me.

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And it arrived in the form of a holidaying photographer.