Goran visnjic maura tierney dating

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For those of you, who chat with this person, be careful.This person is so delusional that s/he won't back down no matter what.She is out of touch with reality and converses with people as the celebrity.She is reached at: [email protected]/or [email protected], this person came into view when s/he created: S/he cannot spell well, which leads me to wonder if she really is a mature woman in her 40s who had the ability to enter university and survive Catholic school.That's the first massive pointer that it's fake! I 'added "maura" as a friend just to read what she/he wrote, she said she has no kids, but hopes to somedaydid anyone else read the interview and/or article where maura said that she wouldn't have kids because she isn't the 'nurturing' type?I find it very disturbing that anyone would go to such lengths to pretend to me someone they're not creating so many lies along the way. I'm not one to judge, people can change there minds but this is kinda wierd.Her "about me" are just 'facts' put together from different bio's.i seriously think it is dumb for people to think it is her.

that person needs to find something more constructive to do with their time.

PS: Even if Maura is dating Goran, this person has not right to spread this gossip/lies/ wishful thinking from MAINE!

Please, dont be fooled by this retard, which seems to have no self-respect according to their chat sessions. I must admit that I never believed the lies from day one.

S/he has been telling the fans that Maura is having an affair and then altered the tale that they will date imminently Goran Visnjic.

That he is getting a divorce from his wife and is seeking custody of his children with Ivana Visnjic.

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  1. All of my girlfriends sisters have also found white boyfriends. Here, interracial dating between Caucasians and Hispanics is not an issue but the whole dating scene for a woman my age is pretty bad, regardless of the race.