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Email: Languages: English & Other Hobbies/Interests: nature culture animals sport music reading fishing Introduction:looking to be friend any female who is nice and lovely, i am an open minded humble cool and non judge mental man, and open to talk about any thing.

Email: Languages: English, German & Spanish Hobbies/Interests: plants and animals, languages, cooking, sci fi, clothes Introduction:hello, im sebastian and im 26 years old, from germany. with email you have to reply so much faster, and its very time consuming.

I will not reply to men, inmates, scammers, or anyone telling me, I have something important to tell you, or money. Women that lives in Canada, Spain, Israel, London, Germany, U. I will email women that lives through out the world. What matters to me true real genuine friendship is what I am looking for. I am a very genuine person and i believe that, there are a lot more people like me around, the world isn't always doom and gloom, and that is why, i always give an opportunity to everyone, wherever they are from, whether they are from afar or even close, what matters is that friendship is established and respect is continuous between me and whoever decides to take my friendship.

Learning about others and the world, helps us understand ourselves, helps us build up a solid foundation about the environment, the physical and non-physical world.

i love animals and plats, since i rent an apartment i dont have any pets, but my room is filled with houseplants.

We know God like Childrens so please prayer for us and if you able do somethings for kids God will very bless to you in the Jesus name if you need any more details contact me Email: Languages: English, French & German Hobbies/Interests: reading, cooking, playing video games, friend, exhange BP: 30KLOUEKANMECOUFFOBENINIntroduction: Hello dear friends of the site I am president of the orphanage tree of life of children in Benin in West Africa, I want to woven friendly link with the friends on this site, I want traded with postcards of my country through postal, email I also want cultural exchange, I helped friends to come and visited the sites of Benin. With the pleasure of you reading Email: Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: Sticking pins in voodoo dolls. The world is full of us and we are here to stay, and just like some horrible zombie virus, you will one day become one of us. I'm looking for a snail mail penpal for a long-term friendship! I'm super easy going and love to learn about new people! I am here as i am seeking genuine friends whom would like to establish a great friendship, a solid and genuine foundation that would enable me to understand the world around me, other cultures and others as doesnt matter where you are from, either very near or very far.i am a huge fan of sci fi, from star trek (real star trek, not jj abrams star trek), the orville, battlestar galactica.write me an email telling me about yourself first, then we can exchange snail mail addresses Email: Languages: English & French Hobbies/Interests: Making friends Introduction: Hello.i'am Martha and i would like to make good friends or penpals.

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You must be a none smoker, polite have vgsoh humour, show respect & very friendly.

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