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Interracial dating detroit

Michael Rapaport is absolutely excellent in the lead role, the best role I've seen him in, save Higher Learning.And N'Bush Wright and De Shonn Castle were also excellent in their parts.Ron Johnson was convincing as the aptly named 'Nut' as well.The film was heartfelt, with enough light attitude to balance the darker and more serious side.Littlejohn points to the racist backlash the recent Cheerios ad featuring a biracial girl and her Black father and White mother received.Coincidentally, the ad debuted just weeks after the "earn you" episode of "Scandal." "As far as we've come in this country, we still have a ways to go," she says.We already know from the setting and characters that it's not exactly pretty and that it's a rundown neighborhood. Until then time flew by, the film is very close to air-tight for the first hour and twenty, but then it started to drag.

"But it really doesn't do us any service to feel like finally one of our women is taking one of their men.This is a Romeo and Juliet type tale based in Detroit, Michigan.Two young men, Zack, a white teen accused of "acting black" and Dee, an African American teen, defy racial lines and form a strong friendship.On one hand, not mentioning race or not making it the focus is progress.Perhaps a good portion of America is reaching a post-racial mindset and love stories can be bigger than the race of the people in love. Virginia in 1967," says Robert Thompson, founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.

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