Interracial dating research and facts dangers of internet chat dating

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Interracial dating research and facts

Moreover, the comedy “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” paired the Korean-American protagonist up with a Latina love interest.Of course, a number of such couples exist in real life as well.They’ll likely excuse their dating patterns as being simple “preferences” rather than examine how our racially stratified society has influenced them to find some racial groups more appealing than others.

They don’t have a pattern of choosing solely white mates or solely Asian mates or Hispanic ones.Famous examples of interracial couples of color include musician Carlos Santana and his wife, Cindy Blackman, an African American; and Wesley Snipes and his wife, Nakyung Park, a Korean American.As the United States grows more diverse, interracial couples of color will only grow more common.They didn’t marry interracially because they truly loved their spouse, outsiders say, but because they wanted to get back at their parents.Are there white people who bring home a person of another race because they know it will drive their parents crazy? But it’s unlikely that these people would have a sustained relationship with someone of a different race just to spite their parents, let alone marry interracially to do so.

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Singer Rihanna, journalist Lisa Ling and actor Eddie Murphy are all examples of people who've dated both within and outside of their racial group.