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Your love of games is why people consider you to be both deceitful and wise.

But even though some odds may be stacked against you, you always seem to persevere no matter what. Your sharp senses and great abilities are what make you the best in everything that you do.

Quickly, she slid on the marble floor underneath his legs, propping up on her own two limbs once she was out in the hallway. Ah, you gotta love Tsubaki-sensei's way with words. Unfortunately, it probably could not, for she was using the writing end, not vice versa. Sango had also grown up with her, but was her best friend—her best friend who, sorry to say, was dating Inuyasha's closest pal Miroku.

However, before she could make her getaway, two strong, tanned hands grasped her shoulders, jerking her back into an unwelcoming chest."Where're you goin', nerd? Yet, Inuyasha was also the one she wanted to fuck dry until his dick was blue. Shoving herself away from him—and stumbling over her own two feet—she hissed, "Nowhere." Well, that was a lie, wasn't it? You know—where my Jii-chan can purify your half-demon ass.""Ooh, I'm so scared," Inuyasha exaggerated, waving his hands in the air as if afraid. "Please, Kagome—" They never were the duo to use honorifics. "I think he further hates me, which is okay for the most part, but my reading lemony fanfiction will not satisfy my hunger, dammit!

Overall, you are a force to be reckoned with, and no one should underestimate ever you. Your speed and athleticism are some of the reasons why you are the best at everything that you do.

I know I should be updating my other stories, but I had inspiration for this, and you know how writers are when they're inspired…A cute nice lady blond that wears dresses with tights and no single Mums in jeans this time.Someone that I feel comfortable ...52, female, Scarborough, Yorkshire Football,reading socialising, good food.So keep being awesome because you’re truly a badass. You have great abilities, especially when it comes to doing your job.Overall, you are capable of amazing things, even when you know that you are limited.

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Overall, you have the great ability to get what you want no matter what, and that is the main reason you will always come out on top. The abilities you possess, along with your big heart, are some of the reasons why everyone around you looks up to you.

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