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'And that has probably saved me from abandoning myself completely. She is the kind of girl who always serves tea in china teacups with roses on and lights scented candles everywhere; her curtains are made of velvet; the furniture is covered in ribbons and lace; she wears pale-pink cashmere and summer frocks; and she is all green eyes and black, black hair with skin like cold white marble. It's the realisation at 43 years of age that a relationship isn't something that just sort of blazes with fire for two months and then hits the decline and carries on downhill until the whole thing lies exhausted in the gutter. It was the first time he'd seen them like that, all together on paper, clinically divorced from the music, and though he was in many ways impressed, he was also shocked by how fixated he'd been on a particular theme in song after song.I just don't think I would have allowed it.' But it is a dark gift of the gods and Cave is a driven man. They met, says Cave, at the Natural History Museum, under the tail of the brachiosaurus. 'Er, yes.'And did you fall in love with her straight away? I thought that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. Even elbow-deep in baby shit she looks pretty good to me.'Did you feel a sense of destiny that you haven't felt before? I've discovered that things go up and down and you can actually work through things and love the person more, stuff like that - it's quite extraordinary.'Do you think it's because you've got older? By Let Love In, released in 1994, it had all become a bit more personal, and by the time of The Boatman's Call, three years later, the lyrics were agonisingly intense, so, eviscerating in painful detail his break-up with his Brazilian girlfriend, Viviane Carneiro, and his short-lived, emotive affair with Polly Harvey.'My lyric writing reached some sort of hysterical crescendo about the time of The Boatman's Call, reporting what was going on in my life in the most melodramatic way; ordinary stuff magnified to heroic proportions. ' he screws up his face, 'sometimes it sounds like the moaning of a dying insect.'No More Shall We Part is, lyrically speaking, more open to the world.It would probably be overlooked in the great scheme of things, apart from one significant fact: it is the birthplace of Nick Cave, singer, songwriter, author, who with his band, the Bad Seeds, has achieved enormous acclaim in the UK and heroic status in Australia.In fact, in a recent issue of the magazine Australian Style, he was awarded - along with (even more implausibly) Kylie Minogue - the title 'Australian of the Century'. He has commissioned a statue of himself atop a rearing horse, and hopes to erect it in the town square.In the old days he would write all the time, anywhere - lyrics on scraps of paper, in countless notebooks. And I find it very difficult to listen to that record now because of that.' He thinks that, in many ways, it is quite a beautiful record and that he'd probably like it if he hadn't made it himself 'but. Cave's songs seem to have a higher intelligence about his life. ' - but it is a beautiful record, full of sad melodies.

'I'd gone through a bit of a slump after The Boatman's Call [his last album]. He and his friend Eddie Baumgarten would be driven into the bush by Eddie's father, issued with a six-pack of beer and a shotgun and told to shoot anything that moved.'We shot rabbits,' says Cave wistfully.

And not just any old statue; this will be a life-size bronze made by sculptor Corrin Johnson, the man responsible for two Christian martyrs above the main entrance to Westminster Abbey, and the man who constructed the Princess Diana Memorial.

The statue will be cast in Britain, shipped to Australia and then driven across country to Warracknabeal.

She starts exploiting her daughter who by transforming into a kind of Lolita becomes increasingly alienated from other children of her age.[6] At school she is eventually frequently insulted and rejected.[7] Then Mamie dies and Hannah's photographs are about to unequivocally overstep the line of acceptability.[8][9] Hanna even coerces Violetta mercilessly into cooperation by withholding her food in case she doesn't agree to pose for increasingly daring photographs.

WARRACKNABEAL is a small town 180 miles north-west of Melbourne.

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That's where my muse puts her foot down.'We are sitting in Cave's office in Chelsea and his muse is all around. Sometimes when Cave comes home he feels a bit disorientated because Susie tends to move the furniture around a lot; it's one of her eccentricities and her husband speaks fondly of it, sings fondly of it, in fact, in a song called The Sorrowful Wife. 'He has enjoyed the newspaper experience, he says, seeing where everything fits in the world, piecing together its politics.

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