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Not us: It seems that Justin Bieber's claim that 'burnout' was the reason for the cancellation of his world tour might just be the case with a spokesperson for Hillsong Church confirming they were not behind the withdrawal Meanwhile, Justin provided a vague response to the rumours surrounding his tour cancellation when quizzed by a TMZ paparazzo.Offering a simple 'no' to the question, Justin seemed perturbed when pressed on the subject.'You already know the reason,' he shot back before disappearing inside a building.'Sorry for anyone who feels disappointed or betrayed, it's not in my heart [or] anything, and have a blessed day,' he added.In releasing an official statement Justin's representatives said: 'Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them.Belieber: 'I am led to believe that the real reason he has come off the road is because he wants to reconnect with his faith and he may be even planning to start his own church,' Richard claimed on Today Extra; seen July 5'Whether he's looking at teaming up with them in something of a more permanent situation or doing some sort of religious activity on his own - starting his own church - we're not quite sure , but that's the word from an inside source,' he added.

By Laura Harding, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent Singer Sam Smith and actress Bella Thorne have led tributes to rapper Lil Peep, who has reportedly died of a suspected overdose at the age of 21.Then he goes, ‘I made you relevant again.’” “I reply, ‘That was a great idea you had about doing (my song) ‘The Beautiful People’ at your show at Staples Center tomorrow.’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, it was,’ not knowing that I told him an idea that I had just made up.” Manson continued, “His tour manager sat down, and I asked, ‘What time is sound check tomorrow? Because we’re going to do ‘Beautiful People.’’ Obviously, when 4 p.m.rolled around the next day, I just didn’t show.” The singer and "Sons of Anarchy" actor, long known for his unique identity in the music world, claimed that he didn’t sue Bieber’s company over the T-shirts.He thanks his fans for the incredible experience of the Purpose World Tour over last 18 months.' Burnout: In releasing an official statement Justin's representatives said: 'Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them. The 48-year-old singer apparently feuded with Justin Bieber, 23, over the latter’s usage of TV shirts with Manson’s face plastered on them.

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The spectacularly swish five-star hotel in Kildare played host to Justin Bieber and his entourage all last week before his sold-out show at the RDS on Wednesday night.

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