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Kathy griffin dating old spice guy

Stacie continues her search for her biological father. Part 1 ends when Andy Cohen wants to bring out Tareq Salahi and housewife Lynda speaks up and says she will not allow it unless her boyfriend, Ebong, comes out as well.Lynda makes the final necessary preparations for debuting her fashion line. Tareq has family troubles yet again and Michaele realizes it's taking a toll on her.Cat finally puts the finishing touches on her book before sharing some of the juiciest bits with the rest of the housewives, all of which inspires Michaele and her husband to seek a lucrative Book with author Matt Carson who eventually backs away from the deal.The ladies are invited to an event hosted by Edwina Rogers, and Cat decides to spice the night up.Michaele asks for Stacie's help in finding a home in D. Stacie is still in search of her biological father, while her mother is of no help. Cat loses a dear friend and is devastated by the loss, feeling alone while her husband is out of town.Blair and Jeff were introduced to each other at a mutual friend's pool party.

They live in Santa Monica, California with their daughter Aurelia.During a fun night with the housewives and their families, an argument between Cat and Stacie's friend Erica breaks out and gets heated, bringing one of them to tears. Lynda makes a shocking revelation about her habits.Michaele and Tareq Salahi attend the White House state dinner, which results in controversy for the couple. Stacie updates us on her situation with her birth father. The ladies doubt Michaele's claims that she has multiple sclerosis and that she was a Washington Redskins Cheerleaders.Tarz also finds himself clashing with Tina's father, who follows traditional Indian values.After dating for four years, they married in December 2011.

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