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To this end, Josué opened hubs in three cities, Los Angeles, Seoul and Tel Aviv, which he believes are ahead of the curve in terms of culture and technology.

The Times of Israel interviewed Josué to learn why he thinks Israel may hold the key to the future of the adtech industry.

Then the Paris attacks happened, and it turned out the Josue had inadvertently predicted their approximate time, place and scale as well.

Turning to the subject of adtech, Josue explains that in Israel, 18Hubs’ local manager Doron Tal identifies early-stage startups that may interest Havas.

This prompts The Times of Israel to ask Josué whether he perceives a danger to culture if algorithms are replacing human writers and video makers.

The series, called FRAT, is about a French-born radical jihadist whom intelligence officers are interrogating to find out the target of an upcoming attack.Josué, who is not Jewish, made his first trip to Israel five years ago and now visits every 3-4 months.What attracts him to Israel, he says, “is the ,” using Hebrew words for disorder and brashness. I strongly believe that innovation comes from the power to fail, to follow what you believe without having to consider your boss.” Another aspect of Israel that Josué found interesting was that the government provides up to 80 percent of seed funding for many startups.Havas also partners with the Technion in developing breakthroughs in machine learning and natural language processing to help better target advertising online.Havas has developed an algorithm to allow advertisers to operate across many demand-side platforms at once and the Technion’s research is expected to keep the platform a step ahead of the competition.

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