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Hopefully it’ll give you some insight into their service. 😀 Today’s announcement is sort of random (but not really too).

I’ve been thinking of joining Lunch Actually, a premium matchmaking service that arranges one-to-one dates between compatible singles, and I’m intending to blog about my upcoming experience with them.

Southeast Asian dating company Lunch Actually Group is continuing to expand its portfolio in the region, with the acquisition of Indonesian dating service Setipe.

Launched in October 2013, Setipe is a matchmaking service for Indonesian singles that has over 800,000 members and has created 200 “documented” marriages.

Having “dated” for more than a year, we are impressed with what Razi and his team have done to grow Setipe and we are excited to have them complement our expansion into Indonesia.

With Setipe, we saw great potential for synergy in our respective brands, businesses and company cultures.I eventually met my soulmate elsewhere — as it turns out, he’s someone I already knew — and we got married in May 2014.🙂 For more on our love story, read: How to Find Your Soulmate (series)After I got attached in 2013, I closed my account with LA.Founders Razi Thalib and Kevin Aluwi created the platform specifically for the Indonesian market, taking into account the social stigma towards online dating at the time, by offering singles a private matching service.After answering a series of questions about themselves, Setipe builds users a personality profile, then matches them with compatible singles using a matchmaking engine that was created with the help of clinical psychologists.

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