Molly shea is dating

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Molly shea is dating

She comes from a wealthy family and can often be conceited, self-centered, and shallow.

It is a comic mischief program following events in the lives of a group of children riding at Horseland, an equestrian school and stables.She is good at Western riding with Calypso and is the only one to consistently wear her hair in a ponytail. Her father is a dentist and she has a little sister named Lissa. Molly's horse is Calypso, a chestnut Appaloosa mare with a cream mane and tail with pink highlights.She is amiable, laid back, affectionate, and a little slow.An avid reader, Alma seems to take every opportunity to read.She's spirited and competitive, and is one of the best and most dedicated riders Horseland has to offer.

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He cannot stand to wear saddles and prefers to be ridden bareback.

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