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Sleeping over at other people's houses was not a part of your childhood.

Your parents just couldn't trust that your friends' parents wouldn't let their kids do whatever they wanted, like stay up all night eating jellybeans or robbing convenience stores.

To give you a picture of what I think things should and probably will be like for you at 18, I will say that I know that I myself am a man who is almost 21 and my female peers are generally independent.

Because of that and their age, it really becomes something where they don't have to communicate with their parents much at all aside from help scheduling it and stuff.

So yeah, I can't say I fully agree with being that protective. At any rate, my main point is that it might be wise to wait and see if this problem persists when you guys are 18, and then complain since you're both people that ultimately don't need that sort of control,😊 i think this is so unfare guys,i dont think dating is a bad thing cz teens teens should be allowed to date b4 the age of 20 so that they can experience and knw whn inlove or teens are very curious and they would like to start dating at the age of 12,parents should nt duscourage us. By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

I've asked this girl to talk to her parents about seeing if they will give me a chance and she told me stuff like "There is no talking to them, they wont listen and they say the same things everytime." I understand the situation her parents are in and i dont blame them, they have every right to be how they are. We are both almost 17 years old, and we both want to be dating each other right now but we cant.

I suggested talking to her parents for her, but she is so afraid of them that she wont let me do a **** thing.

I am 17 years old my bf wants to meet me but my parents are conservative type and they dun allow me to go with my friends too.

Once i have gone on a date with my ex-bf and my brother came to noe about this and my bf Know all this things still he is not trying to understand me instead he is saying me that u have meet ur ex-bf many tyms at that time u were not afraid and now it's time to meet me u are afraid ..

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