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The year 2000 version version 00 notes without holographic strip were officially taken out of circulation on August 1, 2007.They were redeemable at commercial banks until September 30, 2007.China's gold reserve was moved to Taiwan in February.Even though the New Taiwan dollar was the de facto currency of Taiwan, for years the silver yuan remained the legal currency.This made the silver yuan a purely notational currency long ago, nearly impossible to buy, sell, or use.When the Temporary Provisions were made ineffective in 1991, the ROC lacked a legal national currency until the year 2000, when the Central Bank of China (CBC) replaced the Bank of Taiwan in issuing NT bills.

While the Bank of Taiwan issued banknotes prior to 2000, it was also the de facto central bank between 19.

In Chinese, the "New" is only added in formal contexts where it is necessary to avoid any ambiguity, even though ambiguity is virtually non-existent today.

These contexts include banking, contracts, or foreign exchange. In Taiwan, the character for yuan can be written in either of two forms: ; literally "circle").

These Taiwanese wedding pictures, taken by Chien-Chi Chang, are not the celebratory nuptial norm that are the bread and butter of photographers everywhere, but rather a jaundiced look at the institution and the industry of marriage.

A couple is caught in a net of spray-string confetti; a bride poses among ruin; a chain of wedding couples kisses in a zoo with caged elephants behind them; and a post-nuptial couple, in all their Western finery, sleep soundly, and separately, in the back of a limousine.

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In July 2000, the New Taiwan dollar became Taiwan's legal currency. At this time, the central bank began issuing New Taiwan dollar banknotes, and the notes issued earlier by the Bank of Taiwan were taken out of circulation.

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  1. Although the overall arrangement of scenes seems repetitive, there are marked differences in the designs of garments, headdresses, hair styles, and beards that give each delegation its own distinctive character and make its origin unmistakable.