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This way you can avoid any potential embarrassment of having your love-making accidentally recorded.

As we said earlier, there is a lot of draw to having sex on your cruise ship balcony.

If you (like many) are a fan of SATC, then you should check out some of its iconic locations during your trip to the city and just do self-guided sights of Sex and the City tour!

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The building next door, 64 Perry, was actually used for the first three seasons and was then replaced in favor of the fancier-looking 66 Perry for the subsequent seasons.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to understand why a cruise makes seemingly every couple become overtaken with the urge to have a little hanky-panky.

And with a gorgeous cabin and a balcony that overlooks some of the most stunning views you can imagine, it also doesn’t take much to understand the draw that causes many people to want to make romance outside in the fresh air. At first glance, there’s no one around to see you if you end up getting down on the balcony. On most balconies, there are gaps at the bottom and top of the dividers separating your space from the adjacent cabins.

Add in the fact that the cruise ship will spend several days of your trip out at sea — where there is no one out in the water to see you — and you’ve got every reason to add a little spice and have sex on the cruise balcony. This space at the bottom is to let any water or seaspray run though and the space at the top is to allow the wind to pass over without putting too much pressure on the privacy screen.

However, if your room is near to a public place, then it could be possible that a camera covering that public area may be able to see some details of what is going on within your cabin balcony.

Before you get too adventurous, take a look around and see if there are any cameras in view of your balcony.

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The risk of falling overboard is real, and people do die after plunging into the sea.