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To delimit the focus of the review consistent with the definition adopted combined with preliminary assessment of social innovation types presenting in the literature search, we examine here four types of social innovation: We review the relationship between these four types of social innovation and their promotion of health equity, drawing on Fair Foundations: The Vic Health framework for health equity, to guide our analysis.

A systematic review of the available scholarly and grey literatures was undertaken, based on a four-stage process.

This article reviews the available evidence regarding the relationship between social innovation and its promotion of health equity and considers the implications for health promotion practice, policy and research.

Social innovation is a broad term used to denote a variety of activities.

Stage 3 involved a more focused analysis to isolate cross-disciplinary studies, and those that applied to multiple layers of the Fair Foundations Framework.

In Stage 4, we reviewed and ranked the papers remaining in the set using a data extraction tool.

Of the four social innovation types reviewed, social movements have had the most significant known impacts on the socioeconomic, political and cultural factors that inform health inequities.

This allowed the research team to judge the effectiveness of the reported social innovations on their own merits, as well as alongside the Fair Foundations Framework and checking the robustness of our process.[(Phills While this conceptualization of social innovation is in popular use, it remains challenging to operationalize for several reasons.First, while the idea of improvement in relation to commercial innovation may be relatively easily measured by indicators such as increased profit margins or reduced unit costs, improvements in addressing social problems are typically longer term, and less clearly attributable to individual interventions and their effects.Scholarly research, evaluative evidence and applied case studies from the field were included.Stage 2 of the systematic review process comprised a rigorous search of the identified engines and databases using key words within the search strings.

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