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In the movie, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, the setting expands to include the diamond planet, Spectra.All the light in the universe must pass through Spectra before coming to Earth.Once the concept was agreed to, Cozad's and Drake's teams developed the backstory and characters needed to support it.Jim Mc Dowell, a key player from Hallmark's marketing unit, conceptualized a strategy to get the new brand in the public eye.In Gen 1 continuity, and most of the franchise's backstory, a young girl named Wisp is brought to a gray, desolate land with the mission to bring color to this fictional world by locating the Sphere of Light.

The Color Kids spread color across the universe from the Color Console inside the Color Castle.

However, Earth soon falls into a wintry darkness when the diamond-obsessed Dark Princess decides to steal Spectra for her own.

Rainbow Brite and her horse, Starlite, must team with Spectra's boy warrior, Krys, and his robotic horse, On-X, to defeat the powers of darkness and save Spectra, Earth and the universe.

Hallmark also created a Rainbow Brite Style Book for companies that wanted to make Rainbow Brite items under license.

It gave detailed drawings of all the players and Hallmark's policies on a number of subjects such as the use of its Rainbow Brite logos on the packaging for each product, copyright notices on all products where feasible, fees for creating artwork and the approvals needed before production of new Rainbow Brite merchandise could start.

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Later, a pair of two-part specials were produced: "The Mighty Monstromurk Menace" and "The Beginning of Rainbowland." A theatrical feature-length film, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, was released by Warner Bros. These were followed up with eight more episodes for a total of thirteen, which is one season in American television.