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Roots dating

This led to Spanish taking hold in the region as it spread across most of Central and South America.

The publication of the first Spanish dictionary soon followed in the year 1611 at the hand of Sebastian de Covarrubias, a Spanish lexicographer.

With roots dating back to Roman rule, it’s not surprising that the Spanish language is one of the most common in the world.

The language boasts over 500 million native speakers scattered across 31 countries.

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In fact, there are now more than 37 million Spanish speakers in the US, up by 223 per cent since 1980 according to Pew Research.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for the language’s success in recent years is the economic growth of its speakers’ nations.

The two countries share the same historical roots dating back to the old Khmer civilization, which manifest in their similar languages, cultures, and socio-ethnic features.According to statistics from language reference the Ethnologue, it now boasts the second highest number of native speakers, coming in behind Mandarin Chinese.Following a 15-year-study, German linguistic expert Ulrich Ammon also revealed that Spanish is one of the most successful second languages in the world, making it a popular subject in schools around the world.The Spanish language is also finding its feet on the internet and now accounts for 8 per cent of world internet users, or more than 290 million people.This has further opened up the Spanish-speaking markets for many international companies.

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The now widespread language became known as Castilian, which is how it’s still known today in many Latin countries.

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