Ryan dunn and jessica chobot dating cons of high school dating

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her being in the game undermines the legitimacy of the franchise to be taken seriously and makes it seem like a total sell out piece of shit franchise only interested in giving little boys boners for the sake of a big cash out. So if this game was originally going to be awesome, then chobot just ruined it. Great...someone decided to feed this chick's ego even more. To be honest Jessica being in this game doesn't effect me or the game at all. Look at her shitty character model her boobs had more work than her face.

That being said, I also believe this is a conflict of interest and frankly just another crappy character further mucking up an already-volatile game.

Bioware must half dedicated half the dev cycle to chobot. Im calling it shes the end game boss chrobot I see the artists have done a fantastic job with modelling her character's breasts/cleavage to her real counterpart. lol she's just like kelly- will be on the ship and u can talk and romance, nothing more. Smells of cross promotion, backroom deals, everything and the bathroom sink and so on. Hope she can act, cause if her show is an indicator I feel a lot of pain coming my way. I love Mass Effect's universe but how canwe take it seriously if Bioware are going to be adding journalists as characters? If she is doing voice acting then the talent should be in the voice not the look, the character stands out too much it's very odd. Chobot, but it just feels really out of place to have her in there (just like someone already said about Felicia Day in D. Why make our own characters when we could use a real person, how creative.

;) I assume we can also expect a full breasts "jiggle" physics simulation as well..? they gave her a nice rack and back(as revealed by jess on twitter) but her character model is flawed. Not sure she qualifies as a celebrity in the same space as Tricia Helfer, Martin Sheen, Claudia Black and Keith David. I've nothing personally against the girl but if she wants to be a part of games, she can do a computer science degree and learn to program like I did. " "you're shooting things a lot more in this one! Something about that forty pound head of hers, a fivehead, etc. Martin Sheen.time Hollywood actor Kieth David..They Live, Dead Prez, and a bunch of other shit... Either way I just believe it is bait for regular gamers not the actual Mass Effect veterans. Honestly having her in the game semi ruins the authenticity of original character building, not knowing a character is exciting, you get to know, who, where, why, they're here and what they're purpose is, Having a media Icon that we know is interesting to say the least we get to know her back story and her role in the third and final series.

Well in her defense, previews are little more than ads in the first place.

I don't think I've ever seen a negative preview for a game before, even if they go on to tank in the review.

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Woah...she's actually in the final game I thought it was just one of those special Mass Effect 3 press reports "It seems all a bit too familiar to the Felicia Day casting in Dragon Age II DLC, Mark Of The Assassin." Urgh.....don't get me started on..Guessing ME3 will be getting a 10 from IGN then Well, in part, b/c most if not all previews are overall positive (i.e. If you have someone who has been paid to be in the game AND that same person previews the game for the press, it's pretty obvious why that's shady.

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