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He was a lead for four seasons on Syfy's animated movie from Warner Bros.

(Aside: Anecdotally, when Witwer's name was mentioned, the comic con crowd seemed to unanimously agree with his casting, and the suggestion has since been met with overwhelming approval on my own Twitter feed On another front, O’Barr emphasized that he was not looking to remake the 1994 film starring Brandon Lee.

Said O’Barr, who is a creative consultant on the film and has been part of rewrites, the option expired on Evans and now he’s too big a star and the studio couldn’t afford to pay him an A-lister’s salary.

The very candid O’Barr added that money issues were a big reason why filming hadn’t begun yet.

SAM WITWER: That was Anna Fricke taking command of this show.

He has no interest in touching the legacy of “my little baby brother,” but said that film wasn’t really his comic, and this one would be.

Those might include the talking crow, or scenes that make the audience fall in love more with Eric and his fiancee Shelly before she is murdered by a gang -- scenes of which weren’t filmed for the original film because of Lee’s accidental death on set.

He also said the film will be shot in Technicolor for some scenes, or black and white for others.

"Because of that in our pilot, or first two episodes, I thought, 'I'm going to show you whatever the script demands to show and nothing more because I have a lot more time to develop this character' ...

There was always a feeling to pace myself." Now, as the show heads toward its finale, those arcs are coming to fruition, Witwer said.

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is coming to a close for the vampire, ghost and werewolves on Syfy's supernatural drama.

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