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We just went ahead and figured it out a little earlier so we could refocus the show going into the fourth season, what may be our final season.We wanted to make sure the writers and actors were on the same page, and it makes complete sense, character-wise.Now that they’ve both grown and become complete people, these feelings they’ve had are starting to spark again.Anyone yearns for that type of closure; could this work now? We’ve been hurtling towards a number of things in the last third of the season, which will definitely pay off. Getting there is a whole adventure of shenanigans in a typical Blue Bell, Alabama, fashion.The lovebirds dated for four years before they tied the knot.The Nebraska-born actor and his wife announced they were expecting their second child - a daughter - April.

The former Friday Night Lights actor, 38, shared a picture of their newborn to Instagram, captioning it 'Sweet Dreams, world.'He told his 180,000 Instagram followers that before the arrival of their daughter, they spent time 'as a family of three at an amazing park.'Scott added that they had 'a picnic and a waterfall and with a love that will never change for our little boy.'Soon after, the actor revealed to his followers that his wife was in labor.George has always wanted to push Wade, and you see frustration from George sometimes.He was there the night Wade decided to cheat on Zoe, and he was not happy about it.So even when they were both single, they were tired of playing the game.They realized they need each other, but not in an intimate way as much as a friendship way.

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Ever since Season 1, there have been these forbidden fruit-type feelings between Zoe and George.

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