Sex dating in troy montana dating a woman 9 years older

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Sex dating in troy montana

Search Lincoln County library databases, including genealogy, magazines, academic journals, newspapers, local news and events, and reference books.A Lincoln County Public Library card is required to access these resources.A sheriff's investigator interviewed the girl and other members of the family."There is a history of odd behavior with the suspect,'' the deputy wrote.City commissioners and the school board met at the end of both of their regularly scheduled Monday meetings; the school board asked the city to annex a plot of land where they want to build the school.The 36 acres is east of north Cottonwood Road, and west of Flanders Mill Road. The Missoula County Clerk of Court’s office has been made aware of a scam where a caller posing as a deputy with the Sheriff’s Office will call a citizen and state that they have failed to appear for duty and will be picked up by law enforcement if a fine is not paid. Chris Christensen was cross-examined for hours, answering piercing questions from the prosecutor. Christensen took the stand for the second day in a row. 2 near Bainville, just west of the North Dakota border.

Smith was set to be in court Tuesday on the 2016 charge, but court records don't reflect an outcome.He was arrested last year on a charge of second-degree sex abuse in an unrelated case.Jefferson County sheriff's Chief Deputy Randy Christian said an adult male victim contacted investigators on May 3, 2017.This page lists public record sources in Lincoln County, Montana.Additional resources can be found on our Montana State Public Records page, on city pages, and on topic pages using the navigation above.

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According to the report, senior linemen from Florida are earning about $63 as part of the contract with Whitefish Energy.

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