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It’s an incredibly livable city: decent cost of living, many beautiful neighborhoods, just the right size for knowing your way around but still finding more to explore.Most people are incredibly friendly and will strike up a conversation in the grocery store or on the street, whether they know you or not – this is the thing I miss most when I go other places. Caroline: As a Cincinnati transplant after living in sunny south Florida for 22 years, I immediately assumed life in the Midwest would be a drag with its general lack of ocean access and that thing called winter.Or a student uses a social networking site to ask a movie star or country music singer to be his or her date — and the actor, actress or singer says yes. Then the students boarded a river boat for a cruise and dancing to a jazz combo.Or a same-sex couple is crowned king and queen by their peers. Dawn found them somewhat subdued and back at the school for breakfast.Clifton An area that actually includes several neighborhoods (Clifton, Clifton Heights, University Heights, Corryville, Avondale), Clifton is home to the University of Cincinnati, the historic Ludlow Gaslight District, Burnet Woods Park, and large swathes of residential areas —some wealthier than others.Clifton is urban through and through, with a different feel and a different in each different neighborhood. Lookout Full of gorgeous historic homes, green areas, and with patches of eclectic shopping and dining opportunities, both of these neighborhoods are definitely home to wealth.

After moving here without knowing anyone, I am constantly amazed at what a wonderfully diverse queer community I’ve discovered and found a place in.

."Traditionally," LIFE noted in its June 9, 1958, issue, "senior proms are the high school students' big night to howl.

By nightfall half the students had discovered they were mortal and had gone home to bed.

Cincinnati is quite a maze of neighborhoods, owing to the fact that it was originally built next to the Ohio River and then later expanded up into the hills surrounding it.

Below we’ve listed just a few neighborhoods you’ll want to be familiar with, though there are tons more to explore.

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Hyde Park is also a popular area for young professionals who move to Cincinnati for work.