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"I find it very disturbing indeed that a teacher of 20 years would engage in this kind of behaviour while continuing to teach children on a day-to-day basis," he said."Your counsel submits that your offending was not for the purpose of sexual gratification and more for escapism.I find that submission hard to believe."The court was told Martin was confused about his gender and suffered workplace bullying.

Lewis rented a room at La Quinta Hotel and kept the 17-year-old captive in the motel room, where she was forced to have sex with seven or eight men, according to Lewis's arrest report.

Judge Slattery said Martin's behaviour had brought shame to both himself and his family and had fractured their relationships.

The judge told Martin his offending encouraged others to exploit children even if Martin had not realised his actions were criminal."In your offending there is no child involved other than the imaginary child you created," he said.

The victim told police she had no one to call and she was trying to make enough money to make it back home.

She could not leave because Lewis told her he had friends watching the room."At one point she called for help and was prepared to jump out of the hotel window to escape the suspect," according to the report.

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